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SpeNak Readme File - Version 1.0.1 - 30 Day Trial Version - Limited Freeware
(c) 1998-2001 Complete Software Solutions - Andy Erceg
SpeNak in a "Nutshell"
Start a group of programs in the order you want when you want how you want.
What SpeNak does
SpeNak enables you to start a group of programs starting each the number of
seconds after starting SpeNak that you specify.
So you can start a group of programs ...
- in order
- tidily (compared with a batch file)
- one after another, spaced the number of seconds you want
- how you want (minimized, maximized etc)
... all through a simple to create and use script file.
Using SpeNak
SpeNak ProgramToRun.snk
Use your favorite text editor to create a SpeNak file (ProgramsToRun.snk in the
example above), the format is as follows:
If the first line contains ...
<Hidden> then SpeNak will run invisibly (after trial period only registered
version can run hidden).
<Pause> then SpeNak will display a "Pause" button enabling pausing.
<NoQuit> then SpeNak will not display a "Quit" button and can not be closed
until all items have been started.
<CanHide> then SpeNak will display a "Hide" button that will hide SpeNak when
clicked (after trial period only registered version can be hidden).
These can be combined (but if you select hidden you will not be able to see any
Otherwise lines need to be as detailed:
Items in [] are optional but to use an option later in a line you need to have
the separating ','s.
The options for StartVisibility are:
Min - Minimimized
Max - Maximized
Norm - Normal
Hide - Hidden
Lines starting with ; are ignored
Save the file as WhatEverNameYouWant.snk
Example ...
notepad,15,,,c:\program files\comsoft\spenak\readme.txt
Windows 95/98 or higher or Windows NT 4.0 or higher.
Installation Notes
If you are installing a new version of this software you should uninstall the
old version first, you may need to restart your computer to free all the files.
During the trial period all features are available, at the end of the trial
period some features are disabled, registration makes these features available
Please go to for information about registration.
Known Issues
None at this time
Contact Details
Complete Software Solutions WebSite
Product Web Page
E-Mail Address - Product Support
[email protected]
E-Mail Address - Sales
[email protected]
Names used throughout this document are trademarks of their respective companies

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