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SiteMonNak History

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SiteMonNak Version History
2009 V1.0.1 25 Jan 2010
Updated a calibration site.
2009 V1.0.0 7 Nov 2009.
Corrected an issue with failing to response to site unavailibility with some
system configurations.
Various minor refinements.
New trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they can try all the
new features.
2007 V1.0.0 27 Feb 2007.
Enabled saving when just the proxy port is changed.
Minor bugfix to non-http testing.
New trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they can try all the
new features.
2006 V1.0.0 24 Mar 2006.
Improved the "Events" display.
Reduced the maximum time on the graphic display to 60 seconds for web site test
responses for a more detailed display.
Added an indicator for HTTPS web sites for when a site can be accessed but the
certificate can not be tested.
2004 V1.1.0 22 Mar 2004
Added the option to have plain text on the status grid.
2004 V1.0.1 27 Jan 2004
Improved the "Events" display.
2004 V1.0.0 12 Dec 2003.
Various minor refinements.
2003 V3.1.0 29 Nov 2003.
Reduced the time before retesting DNS and Pings.
Corrected the license expiring message.
2003 V3.0.0 22 Apr 2003.
Added support for monitoring the availibility of non-http servers (e.g. ftp etc)
Added support for rebooting WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP servers, either locally or
remotely, when they fail.
Other minor refinements.
2003 V2.0.1 19 Mar 2003
Corrected a possible problem when monitoring lots of sites using Win9x or WinMe.
2003 V2.0.0 6 Mar 2003.
Added e-mail authentication options for sending e-mails.
Added the option to send a test e-mail to verify e-mail sending settings.
Enabled option when installing as a service to also start the service during the
Added the option to specify the number of failed HTTP tests before sending out
an alert, and added the option to have the number of failed tests increase if
the internet access is very busy.
Added automatic backup and restoring of the SiteMonNak "Settings" and "Events"
Increased the versatility of the SiteMonNak testing times.
Changed the fastest testing speed for a standard license to every 10 minutes
- this is in keeping with our target user group and the SiteMonNak Standard
Licence pricing.
Other minor refinements and fixes.
Update web links
2003 V1.1.2 29 Jan 2003
Removed the continuous testing that occurred when you first use SiteMonNak -
this feature was to build up the calibration history quickly but this is not
necessary and could have been confusing.
2003 V1.1.1 19 Jan 2003
Corrected an error message that would occur if hiding settings then closing down
SiteMonNak then restarting SiteMonNak.
2003 V1.1.0 27 Dec 2002
Added help for solving issues with calibrating when using some firewalls and
routers that have been set to block "Ping" messages.
2003 V1.0.1 21 Dec 2002
Corrected an issue with not displaying all the appropriate events when filtering
on the "Events" page.
2003 V1.0.0 2 Dec 2002.
There have been so many improvements since the first release of SiteMonNak that
we have released the latest version as SiteMonNak 2003 V1.0.0
Changes for 2003 V1.0.0
Added graphing to display testing results.
Added nicknames for the URLs being tested.
Added replaceable URL parameters.
Added page content change detection.
Added address change detection.
Added more automatic reset statistics options.
Added the option to pause testing.
Added a verification to the "Reset Statistics" option.
Included a couple of alert sound files.
Improved the pop-up alerting changed to a single pop-up that lists the alerts.
Improved WinSock utilization.
Changed automatic reset statistics to be available only with a commercial
Significant simplification to the alerting settings.
Added detailed help file including context based help and support details.
Other minor refinements and fixes.
7.5.3 18 Oct 2002
Corrected an issue testing some virtually hosted sites with certain site testing
7.5.2 14 Oct 2002
Added timed autosave of the status log (for situations where a computer is
turned off without the normal shutting down of Windows(r) first).
- Site settings and statistics already had this function active.
7.5.1 16 Sep 2002.
Corrected a possible problem with hanging on some computers (V7.4.0 and V7.5.0).
7.5.0 11 Sep 2002
Added the option to include the current problems in email and execution alerts.
Corrected event description when sending emails while problems remain.
7.4.0 10 Sep 2002.
Added the option for customizing the email alerts subject line (requires a
commercial license).
Enabled working with "Large Font" setting in Windows(r).
Improved handling of virtually hosted sites.
Corrected email alert local time (was labeled as GMT).
7.3.1 5 Sep 2002
Corrected a minor issue with displaying the settings tab labels where they
appear on the left hand side - these did not display correctly some computers.
7.3.0 6 Aug 2002.
Https testing now also verifies the security certificate is currently valid.
7.2.3 8 Jun 2002
Corrected using a proxy connection when testing https servers.
Minor update to the SiteMonNak registration system.
7.2.2 7 Jun 2002
Removed the "Do not use resolved address for Http testing" option and replaced
it with "Use resolved address for Http testing", this is to help ensure
correct testing of some servers that are using a hidden re-direction.
7.2.1 3 Jun 2002
Enabled the "Site Log Base Directory" option to be used.
7.2.0 28 May 2002.
Added support for testing servers that require an alpha-numeric address, not a
numeric address (some sub-domains on some servers require this).
7.1.2 22 May 2002
Corrected the "SiteMonNak Web Page" link used on the SiteMonNak "About" page.
7.1.1 16 May 2002
Added "Will verify" message when a problem has been detected and SiteMonNak has
been set to verify problems on the next testing cycle.
Enabled verification on next test cycle to be used where this option has been
enabled and the previous result was undefined (site just added, enabled or
Improved "next test cycle verification" where calibration takes too long or your
internet connection is lost.
7.1.0 11 May 2002
Added option to save just the last results in the tests and statistics site
Enabled having a different file name for the statistics site file compared to
the the tests sites file.
Corrected where the wrong site name can be displayed as being enabled in the
status log when adding a new site.
Minor refinements and fixes.
7.0.1 29 Apr 2002
Minor refinements.
7.0.0 27 Apr 2002
Added options for verifing HTTP failures before alerting.
Added information to the ReadMe file about a test site that gives test errors.
Minor improvements.
Improved documentaton and hints.
6.0.4 23 Apr 2002
Implemented a method of calibrating SiteMonNak when accessing the internet via a
firewall or device that blocks certain internet data requests.
6.0.3 20 Apr 2002
Corrected an issue with the e-mail alert message being lengthened with extra
punctuation each time SiteNonNak is shutdown - this also slowed down the
starting up of SiteMonNak - problem only with V6.0.0-V6.0.2
6.0.2 11 Apr 2002
Improved the additional method of detecting computer shutdown.
Minor improvement to the calibration operation on very slow or very busy
internet connections.
6.0.1 9 Apr 2002
Corrected an issue that could in rare circumstances stop testing.
Added an option to turn off or on the alternative method of detecting computer
shutdown that allows faster shutting down on some systems but that on some
computers may have paused testing too often.
Improved the alternative method of detecting computer shutdown.
6.0.0 6 Apr 2002
Added a trial period where all features are available to allow you to verify
SiteMonNak's suitability for your requirements, after trial period users still
will be able to monitor one site hourly.
Improved shutting down when the internet is going very slowly or when testing a
lot of sites.
Removed the installation option of running SiteMonNak as a service under Win9x
and WinMe as these operating systems do not fully support services.
Improved documentation.
Several minor refinements.
5.1.4 16 Mar 2002
Site events "please wait" displayed when switching selected site.
Set the status and site logs to display the start of log items being shown -
even when the items have a long description, you can still scroll right to see
any extra information.
Minor refinements.
5.1.3 25 Feb 2002
Corrected an problem with the log where occassionally the end of entries were
appended to the end of other entries (due to V5.1.1 update).
5.1.2 23 Feb 2002
Removed "Paused" and "Pausing" messages that were added to the status log in
some situations when shutting down.
5.1.1 16 Feb 2002
Improved shutting down when the internet is going very slowly.
Corrected log issues that occur under Win9x-Me when the log gets too big - now
there are no size limitations.
Minor improvements.
5.1.0 Testing version only.
5.0.0a 24 Jan 2002
Improved installer.
5.0.0 15 Dec 2001
Added ...
- Option to run SiteMonNak as a service.
- Support for https.
- Faster test option.
- Logging option.
- Statistics logging.
- Days and times active testing.
- More variables for alerting emails and program execution.
- The option to delay the start of testing when SiteMonNak is first started.
Improved ...
- Testing of sites where the DNS information is temporarily unavailable.
- Statistics display updates at the end of each test.
- Layout to help simplify usage.
- Usage of variables with alerting emails and program execution.
- "Move URL up/down" options.
Changed ...
- Separated some features to be only available with a commercial license.
- Changed the number of sites the free version can monitor.
4.0.3 3 Nov 2001
Improved SiteMonNak's shutting down when the computer is being shut down - very
occassionally needed to be told to shut down a second time in some situations.
4.0.2 24 Oct 2001
Corrected a registration issue.
4.0.1 19 Oct 2001
Implemented a fix for some Norton AntiVirus updates that could cause SiteMonNak
to slow-down on the occassional computer - this was not a SiteMonNak problem
and there have been no reports of this happening.
4.0.0 1 Oct 2001
Added the option to execute a different program after a preset number of failed
Added the option to edit Site URL.
Added the ability to change the order of the URLs.
Added the ability to test through a proxy server.
3.5.1 7 Aug 2001
Minor improvements to the internet access and testing portions of SiteMonNak.
3.5.0 10 Jul 2001
Added more emailing options - like email while the problem exists.
Corrected a problem that could cause one minute testing cycles in certain
3.4.0 2 Jul 2001
Corrected problem with "Network too slow" that occurred with one ISP.
Corrected a registration issue.
3.3.0 30 Jun 2001
Updated license agreement.
3.2.0 26 Jun 2001
Corrected a possible problem with the registered version acting unregistered
when the registration is valid.
3.1.0 25 Jun 2001
Added a 10 day warning for SiteMonNak license expiration.
Added a calibration site status message to the main log during startup.
3.0.5 18 May 2001
Added more registration options.
3.0.4 15 May 2001
Improved installation options.
Improved operation when shutting down the computer.
3.0.3 3 Apr 2001
Corrected a problem with the Site Events display not always displaying events
from previous times that SiteMonNak was run.
Made the default for HTTP testing not to use HTTP headers.
3.0.2 30 Mar 2001
Improved the SiteMonNak taskbar icon/system tray button displaying.
3.0.1 18 Mar 2001
Corrected counting of timeouts when "Ignore Timeouts" has been enabled.
3.0.0 1 Mar 2001
Improved the accuracy and efficiency of the calibration operation.
The calibration operation is explained during installation and in the ReadMe
file under Known Issues.
Made addeding a new site easier to do.
2.3.0 26 Jan 2001
Improved Status Log displaying.
Corrected a situation that could display time-out errors if you lost internet
access during the actual testing process.
Updated registration operation.
2.2.0 17 Jan 2001
Simplified status messages.
2.1.0 12 Jan 2001
Enabled working with non-dialup internet connections.
Corrected message when the internet speed is too slow.
2.0.1 11 Jan 2001
Minor improvement to how the program looks and the documentation.
2.0.0 9 Jan 2001
General release.
1.x.x 16 Dec 2000 ... 8 Jan 2001
Public beta testing.
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