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What SiteMonNak does

bulletMonitors and reports on the status of a variety of items that affect the accessibility of web sites.
Some of the items monitored are:
bulletHTTP response
bulletWeb page content changing
bulletIP address changes
bulletHTTPS certificate expire
bulletNon-HTTP server availability
... You choose what you want to monitor.
bulletWhen a problem is detected you can be informed in a variety of ways:
bulletAudio alerts
bulletExecuting a program (this can be used to restart a failed server)
bulletSiteMonNak keeps detailed logs of problems detected and when they are cleared. There are also statistics kept for various aspects of site availability.

SiteMonNak is designed to be an easy and efficient way to keep watch of your web site availability.

This product is for Windows 95/98 or higher and Windows NT 4.0 or higher

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