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ShowNak Readme File - 2010 V1.0.0
Copyright 2001-2010 Complete Software Solutions - Andy Erceg
ShowNak in a "Nutshell"
Display songs and portions of the bible simply as well as
messages and notices - fast, efficiently and easily read.
Songs, messages and notices are easily edited.
Great when using a data projector.
The free version of ShowNak - ShowNak "Discipler" enables
individuals to view portions of the Bible as well as
messages and notices - fast, efficiently and easily read.
ShowNak Overview
ShowNak allows you to add, delete, alter and quickly display songs as required.
The songs can be either displayed and scrolled verse by verse or smoothly
scrolled (like the credits on a TV program) with each song remembering the speed
it last scrolled at.
Bible Verses
ShowNak allows you to quickly display portions or whole books of the Bible from
a variety of Bible versions (refer 'Bible Versions' further down this document).
The verses can be from a variety of different versions - refer to information
further down this page about using versions from the Online Bible.
ShowNak allows images to be easily displayed, this could be used to have an
image displayed when you have nothing else needing to be displayed - an example
may be an image of a cross and bible.
ShowNak allows a series of pages containing ...
- Images (these could come from Paint, PowerPoint® etc)
- Text (this can include Bible text that is automatically filled in from just a
reference) - this can be printed out for smart overhead projector slides.
- Bible text
- Songs
And these pages can be easily stepped through just by pressing the right and
left arrow keys.
These are the same as the Messages but are designed to automatically change and
are great for displaying weekly notices.
Using ShowNak
Press F1 for help.
Included in the installation is a "Manual", this contains the list of the bible
abbreviations and Quick Use instructions and may be worth while printing out.
Press Shift-F10 brings up a menu, from here you can change color, font, edit
songs and messages etc.
Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP.
A Pentium 166MHz or better is recommended but not essential.
Please go to or for
information about registration.
After the 30 day trial ShowNak goes into ShowNak Discipler mode where the
message and song editing, smooth scrolling (of everything except the bible) and
song display features are disabled while still enabling messages, notices,
images and the bible to be displayed.
Bible Versions - Online Bible Information
Check out downloads via or
for more downloadable versions. Alternatively ShowNak can use any of the English
Bible versions available via the Online Bible, they just need to be enabled via
the Shift-F10 menu. Some non-English Bible versions will also work from the
Online Bible.
The bible version included in the trial is the World English Bible - this is due
to copyright restrictions on most other modern English versions.
Known Issues and Notes
F11 and F12 do not seem to work to change the scrolling speed ...
These change the scroll speed in very fine steps, when you initially go to set
the speed of a song the first time you may need to press these a number of
times to get the speed you want (you can hold them down for faster changes),
next time you display the song the scroll speed should be basically correct.
On slower computers when scrolling at higher speeds the "Faster" scroll speed
may not be able to scroll faster, increasing scroll speed to "Turbo" will
increase the scroll speed with a slight less smooth scroll.
Update - the maximum scroll speed possible has been increased, even on older
The first time a whole bible book is used it will take about 30% longer than
normal after this it will open more quickly unless a new version of software
or bible text is installed (then this slower displaying may happen once more).
While ShowNak is being displayed the computer will not start the screen saver -
this is by design as you do not want the screen saver to activate in the
middle of a presentation, the screen saver is allowed to operate normally when
ShowNak is hidden via [F4].
If you are registered and change your computer (e.g. move your hard drive to a
new computer) you may need to contact us at [email protected] with your
current registration details and the new ComputerID (on the first page of
ShowNak) so we can send the updated registration code.
By default ShowNak will display a single verse reference in context (except when
it is a reference on a Simple Slide in {}) e.g JOH 3:16 will display John 3:16
at the top of the page as part of the book John, to display the verse by
itself type JOH 3:16. (the fullstop indicates display just this verse).
If you want images in a Simple Slide Sequence you need to create them with an
image editor (Windows® Paint) or export them from something like PowerPoint®
With "Custom Text" on "Simple Slide Sequences" some " marks are incompatible
with copying and pasting, these are automatically fixed when you click update
or you go to another page.
When displaying "Custom Text" with imbeded Bible references that are filled out
on "Simple Slide Sequences" slides and changing the Bible version used you may
be slightly out of position as some Bible versions have longer verses etc.
This does not happen when displaying Bible verses not on "Custom Text" slides.
When displaying very long pages of "Custom Text" in a "Simple Slide Sequence" or
via the imported text or rich text function and manually scrolling lines or
pages and then using smooth scrolling there may be a small initial jump some
times. This is due a limitation in Windows®.
With "Simple Slide Sequences" you can not change the current Bible version
automatically, however you can do it via the keyboard and you can also specify
the version for any passages displayed. This prevents Bible version confusion
if you step back and forward through a message.
With a custom text page in a "Simple Slide Sequences" on some systems a line
that contains just spaces will not "justify centre" or "justify right"
correctly - this is due to a limitation in some versions Windows®.
Some versions of the Online Bible appear to be affected by the presence of a
memory stick when starting up. So we advise not having a memory stick inserted
when you start ShowNak if you are using versions of the Bible from the Online
Where a change to your computer drives could block Bibles displayed from the
Online Bible, you should get a warning allowing you to close ShowNak giving you
the opportunity to correct the drives before restarting ShowNak. The most
common causes of drive changes are inserting USB memory sticks and external
hard drives.
Please visit or and go to
Support for details on:
- updating RichEd20.dll ... this is only required if you get the following
message on the ShowNak startup screen ...
'This computer has an older version of "RichEd20.DLL"
This is a Microsoft® DLL and should be updated if
you want to use smooth scrolling.'
- running ShowNak directly from a CD - this is useful when you are going to
visit somewhere and want to use ShowNak without installing it.
Copyright - Songs
Please observe any copyright on songs you want to display.
Contact Details
Complete Software Solutions Web Site
Product Information and Support Web Site
E-Mail Addresses
- Product Support
[email protected]
- Sales
[email protected]
Part of the picture display system is based on the code resample.pas that can
be downloaded from ...
Names used throughout this document are trademarks of their respective companies

ShowNak Song and Bible Display

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