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The top questions ...

Can I add more songs?

Yes, you can easily add, edit and delete songs.
And if you are changing from several song books to ShowNak you can use the option to have up to 8 different groups of songs with up to 1 million songs in each group to keep the same song numbers from several song books.

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Does ShowNak do such-and-such well?

ShowNak has loads of features and functions and the best way to see how well they work is via the free trial download, and remember if you have any problems with using it there is help via the F1 button, or e-mail us with you question at [email protected].

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Smooth scrolling does not work and I get a warning about having an older version of RichEd20.dll - what can I do?

Some Windows 95, 98 and NT computers have an older version of this file. The following are links to RichEd30.exe, an program that updates this DLL ...

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Running from CD ...

ShowNak is also able to be run directly from CD, please e-mail us via [email protected] and let us know what you want to do so that we can assist you in doing this as well as possible.

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Please send us e-mail with your comments, problems and suggestions regarding ShowNak.

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ShowNak Song and Bible Display

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