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ShowNak Version History

2010 V1.0.0 16 Jan 2010.
Minor correction to song handling to ignore multiple blank lines between verses.
Removed unnecessary Online Bible warning about drive changes.
Enabled an extension trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they
can try the new features.

2009 V1.0.3 31 Aug 2009
Minor correction to reverse scrolling.

2009 V1.0.2 9 Jun 2009
Minor correction to the registration system.

2009 V1.0.1 4 Jun 2009
Minor correction to simplify entering the registration details.

2009 V1.0.0 31 May 2009.
Added the option to specify the last verse in song verse display selecting, this
is done by using 999 to refer to the last verse.
Added the option to display song book names instead of the song book letter next
to the song number.
Changed the registration system - existing users will need to request a new
registration code when upgrading from previous versions.
Corrected an issue with displaying only certain verses of a song when a song
start and finished with a chorus.

2008 V1.0.0 2 Aug 2008 - this version was not released.
Added changing scrolling speed with the mouse wheel.
Added the ability to go back to previously displayed Bible passages at previous
location displayed.
Added the option to copy an existing song for creating a variation of a song.
Corrected an issue converting Bible versions that contain imbedded references.
Corrected status line sizing when restarting ShowNak.
Corrected the display for the books before and after Philemon.
Enabled F3 searched items to be part of the history.

2007 V4.0.1 2 May 2007.
Added more and simplified indenting options for the custom text slides in the
Simple Slide Editor.
Improved the status information when pre-changing Bible versions.
Added a reminder about how to close ShowNak.
Added warnings where changes to drives could affect displaying Bible text from
the Online Bible.
Changed registration system to prevent external USB drives from affecting the
Corrected bullets continuing down the screen at the end of a page in certain
situations in Simple Slide Sequences.

2007 V4.0.0 - no general public release.

2007 V3.0.0 16 Mar 2007.
Added the option to add and use custom abbreviations for personalized Bible
versions, named images, named songbooks etc.
Added the option to change the active Bible version to be used for the next
passage displayed.
Corrected the song number displayed when using additional song books and having
a space between the book letter and the number.

2007 V2.0.0 25 Jan 2007
Addded the option to easily increase or decrease the size of all the text on a
custom text slide in the Simple Message Editor.
Corrected a minor layout issue with displaying Messages that contain Bible
references that are to be filled in where there are tabs before or after the

2007 V1.0.1 24 Dec 2006
Corrected issues with displaying Bible passages and portions of songs in certain

2007 V1.0.0 17 Dec 2006.
Corrected an issue with not being able to display certain books of the Bible
in certain situations (this issue only started in the previous version).

2006 V4.0.1 11 Dec 2006
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Scrolling stopping when a "Quick Message" is displayed or removed.
- Displaying selective verses when the song book abbreviation is after the song

2006 V4.0.0 7 Nov 2006.
Enabled or added ...
- Song book abbreviation can now be after the song number (allowing quicker
displaying for when people request song number X in book Y), this also in
mose cases with direct Bible displaying.
- Page up/down can be set to work like smart mouse buttons - this is reset to
normal operation when ShowNak is restarted.
- Page up/down will step backwards and forwards through messages made up of
images (like a converted PowerPoint(r) file).
- GIF display support added.
- Reducing multiple spaces to single spaces when importing text files for
- The option for imported slides to be displayed proportionally.
- Screen borders are separately saved with each preset.
- Presets can be copied from the default preset.
- Bible books are displayed straight away when there is no chapter and verse
and an image or blank screen is displayed. This used to preload the book and
wait for a chapter and verse or pressing enter before displaying - computers
are now fast enough not to need this preloading step.
- Added the option to save the current list of songs and their numbers.
- Always displays the "Computer ID" on the startup screen of ShowNak to make
license upgrades simpler.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- The songs list being temporarily blank in certain circumstances.
- Changing a slide now removes informational instructions from the centre of
the status line.
- The help file referred to an older version of the printable manual and
keyboard template.
- Editing a message where the first page is an image did not always display the
selected proportions in the preview.
- Corrected an issue where in certain circumstances a Bible passage would start
scrolling too fast.
- Trialing a new version - didn't enable all features for the trial period.

2006 V3.0.1 10 Jul 2006
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- When displaying "Notices" then manually going to a song the song would
automatically start to scroll after a few seconds, this issue has been

2006 V3.0.0 27 Jun 2006.
Enabled or added ...
- Importing text or RTF files straight into the display as a message or notice.
- Simple Slide Editor ...
- Importing text or RTF files straight a new Custom Text page.
- Bullet points to the Simple Slide editor.
- Bullet points to the display system.
- Messages and Notices done as custom text Simple Slides, imported text or RTF
remember their scrolled location when switching back to them after displaying
other text (a song, Bible passage etc).
- An even slower temporary scrolling speed.
- Reverse scrolling using Ctrl-F2.
- Increased the settable gamma adjustment range in "Simple Silde Sequences".
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Trying to display invalid or damaged pictures.
- When going to change the main display font and then deciding not to would
block the Shift-F10 pop-up menu from displaying until ShowNak was restarted.
- Faster scrolling speed changes when using Ctrl-F11 and Ctrl-F12.
- Changing the highlight color didn't always immediately change the copyright -
Bible book information display color.
- Online Bible versions that have numbers in the abbreviation are now correctly
- Corrected an issue with selecting a song - with certain situations is was
possible for the list of songs to become empty when sorting them.
- Corrected the Bible book location hint for "1st Peter".
Enabled an extension trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they
can try the new features.

2006 V2.0.0 15 Feb 2006
Enabled or added ...
- Bible passage displaying to help people follow along in their own Bibles ...
- Added the option to display information on where to find a passage in the
- Added the option to display a second name for Bible books allowing the name
to also be displayed in a second language.
- Copyright and Bible book name and finding hints can be displayed in either
the main display color or the highlight color.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Automatic resetting of gamma correction when starting simple slide sequences.

2006 V1.3.2 5 Feb 2006
Corrected an issue with Bible displaying of books that start with a number in
their name (like 1Jo). This only affected the command history usage in versions
2006 V1.2.0 and 2006 V1.3.0 and would also display a warning on the status bar
but would display the correct Bible text.

2006 V1.3.0 27 Jan 2006
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Online Bible ...
- Corrected an issue where if the Online Bible was already running then
trying to get ShoowNak to do anything with the Online Bible would fail.
- Changed the verifying Bibles from the Online Bible to every time ShowNak
starts up giving a more consistant startup procedure for the person or
people running ShowNak.

2006 V1.2.0 24 Jan 2006
Enabled or added ...
- Command history has the Bible book automatically added when only the chapter
and verse are specified enabling simpler going back to an earlier displayed

2006 V1.1.0 20 Jan 2006
Enabled or added ...
- Printable manual and keyboard template are now in Word(r) 97 format as with
the availability of Microsoft Office(r) and OpenOffice this is the most
suitable format. The manual also has space for printing or writing several
Bible version names and their abbreviations as well as up to 8 song book
names that ShowNak can quick reference.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Bible verse display - when you display a Bible passage then display other
text (like a song) you now only need type in the chapter:verse to display a
passage in the previously displayed book.
- An error that could occur when trying to spell check when no dictionary has
been installed.
- Notices ...
- Multipage text Notices could have problems in certain circumstances under
Win9x and WinMe (only since 2006 V1.0.0).
- Notices were starting on the last page and cycling, now that start on the
first page.
- Manually paging up/down etc. of the Notice pages now stops the automatic
page stepping, pressing [F9] reactivates it.

2006 V1.0.2 9 Jan 2006
Improved ...
- Temporary smooth scrolling speed increasing - this is now smoother.
- Temporary smooth scrolling speed decreasing - this now has finer speed steps.

2006 V1.0.1 7 Jan 2006
Corrected ...
- Display font size changing via [Ctrl-Insert] and [Ctrl-Delete] now obey the
preset settings lock.

2006 V1.0.0 3 Jan 2006.
Enabled or added ...
- The option of having songs displayed using a larger font size than the normal
text size.
- Easily changing the display font size using the following key combinations:
[Ctrl-Insert] to increase font size and [Ctrl-Delete] to decrease font size.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- Smooth Scrolling is now much smoother and faster even on older computers.
- Bibles from the Online Bible can now be easily re-cached via the
"About ShowNak, Registration and Bible Versions" on the [Shift-F10] menu
- Bibles from the Online Bible are now tidier including having the long dash
changed to ' - ' instead of '--'. To use this on a previously cached version
you need to re-cache it.
- The printable Manual and Keyboard Template documents have been updated.
- A minor issue with the installer has been corrected and the installer has
been made easier to use.
- A minor issue that requiring an extra mouse click with smart-stepping when
the "Discipler" mode scroll bar is enabled has been corrected.

2005 V1.0.2 9 Dec 2005
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- a very uncommon crash (no reports) that could happen when trying to paste
into ShowNak where another program is still holding the Windows(r) clipboard
open (e.g. started copying in another application but this copying has not
been completed and trying to paste into ShowNak at this point).

2005 V1.0.1 14 Oct 2005
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- the warning is more prominence when the RichEdit DLL on a computer is an old
version and should be updated to get more out of ShowNak.
- the installer has been made a little easier to use.

2005 V1.0.0 6 Sep 2005.
Enabled or added ...
- enabled having a larger text size for song editing.
- enabled reversing the mouse buttons for stepping through presentations.
- added horizontal scrolling for editing songs with really long lines.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- the option for saving Simple Slide Sequence files in a faster loading format.
- prevented the current item being scrolled when pressing F9 with no notices

2004 V1.3.1 30 Nov 2004
Corrected a problem with the Online Bible not being closed after ShowNak has
used it as a source of additional bible versions.

2004 V1.3.0 25 Sep 2004.
Enabled or added ...
- added the ability to invert the text colors on Simple Slide Sequences.
- added a warning to the AutoFormat function in the song editor when the song
text contains something that can not be AutoFormatted - like two choruses.
- added the ability to remove "[" and "]" from bibles imported from the OnLine
- added a screen that shows ShowNak's startup loading progress as well as hints
on getting more out of ShowNak.
- enabled the up and down arrow keys to be used to select what to do on the
ShowNak Startup Screen.
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- increased the number of things corrected by the song editor AutoFormat - Tidy
- spell checking when using "Replace All" when the old and new words are the
- prevented using ", ` and ´ marks in song file names (these marks can all
still be used in the displayed song title though).
- corrected an issue with Song auto-format not adding the last chorus in certain
- improved blocking the Windows(r) screensaver function while using ShowNak in
certain circumstances.
- rapidly moving images up and down within Simple Slide Sequences.
- tabs and indenting on "Simple Slide Sequences".

2004 V1.2.1 12 Jul 2004
Corrected the displaying of a song that has a "Bridge" portion in it.

2004 V1.2.0 3 Jul 2004.
Enabled or added ...
- song number display on main screen now using Axxx, Bxxx etc when you are
using multiple song books for the sources.
- directly going to edit the currently displayed song via the Options menu.
- the option to save Simple Slide Sequence files in a faster loading format.
- going to a particular chorus using Rx, Ry etc (R for Refrain - C already has
a different, more common use).
Corrected or improved issues with ...
- quickly stepping past an image page to a text page.
- leaving blank lines at the end of a song.
- re-sorting the songs when using filtering on the names.
- the song list scroll bar when dragged to the bottom of the slider not
displaying the bottom of the list of songs.
- the title of a song being in italics when the song starts with a chorus.

2004 V1.1.0 9 Feb 2004.
Added song name filtering to the "Select Item" screen.
Added the option to load and save the command history.
Improved the help information.

2004 V1.0.1 27 Dec 2003.
Enabled extension trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they can
try the new features.

2004 V1.0.0 16 Dec 2003.
Added a history to the typed commands allowing quick re-displaying of bible
verses, songs etc.
Added a warning message when an edited song can not be saved.
Enabled the song preview to automatically update after editing a song.
Updated WEB (World English Bible) version to the 10th December 2003 version.

2003 V1.3.0 17 May 2003.
Improved song AutoFormat (including support for song "bridges").

2003 V1.2.0 14 Dec 2002.
Added the option to try non-English versions of the Bible from the Online Bible.
Minor refinements.

2003 V1.1.0 9 Dec 2002.
Added the option of having several ranges of songs quickly accessible - allowing
for quick access to different song styles, choruses etc.
Improved song and Bible book selection display on the "search for an item"
Minor refinements.

2003 V1.0.1a 25 Oct 2002
Improved the ShowNak help file including a minor correction. No other changes.

2003 V1.0.1 21 Oct 2002
Minor refinements to the "Custom Text" presentation slides including correcting
the handling of certain special formatting and characters in certain

2003 V1.0.0 19 Oct 2002.
There have been so many improvements since the first release of ShowNak that we
have released the latest version as ShowNak 2003 V1.0.0

Updates and changes for 2003 V1.0.0
Set the first two tabs at 1/3rd and 2/3rds of the page width on the custom text
Added the option to name preset display setting, these can also now be
individually locked as required.
Enabled more registration options.
Inproved the startup helper.
Minor refinements.

11.2.1 12 Oct 2002
Re-enabled the option to unhighlight words and phrases within Bible text on the
Simple Slide Sequences (messages) where the Bible text was displayed as
highlighted text by default.

11.2.0 10 Oct 2002
Added the option to select the current Bible version used via the Shift-F10
options menu.
Added a confirmation check when deleting slides from a Simple Slide Sequence.
Updated WEB (World English Bible) version to the 4th October 2002 version.
Implemented a fix for an problem with some versions of the Online Bible on some
Corrected highlight words and phrases within Bible text on the Simple Slide
Sequences (messages) sometimes highlighting past the Bible text.
Minor refinements.

11.1.1 1 Oct 2002
Corrected issues regarding Simple Slide Sequences (messages) trying to change
the current default Bible version without user intervention.

11.1.0 30 Sep 2002
Added the option to highlight words and phrases within Bible text on the Simple
Slide Sequences (messages).
Corrected training bar display when using Windows(r) "Large Fonts".
Minor improvements.

11.0.1 27 Sep 2002
Corrected issue of the pop-up options menu not being available after minimizing
ShowNak (only affected V11.0.0).

11.0.0 26 Sep 2002.
Added a startup helper to enable simpler setting for usage.
Minor refinements.

10.2.0 21 Sep 2002
Changed the "Edit Songs" menu option to read "Songs - Add/Edit/Delete" to make
it more obvious that this is where songs can be added.
Increased the size of the Symbols and WingDings in the special character
selector within the Simple Slide Sequence editor.
Minor refinements.

10.1.1 18 Sep 2002
Re-enabled the function key training screen - the operation of this screen has
been improved (also, it had been turned off if a "List out of bounds" error
message, corrected V10.0.0, had been displayed).

10.1.0 17 Sep 2002
Added support for storing CCLI licence numbers.

10.0.0 17 Sep 2002.
Added "AutoFormat" options to the song editor.
Enabled the scrolling speed to be more easily changed when using the "Training
Improved editing when using Windows(r) "Large Fonts".
Corrected a problem with a "List out of bounds" error when starting in certain
Minor refinements.

9.0.0 14 Aug 2002.
Added the option to display only the verses that are desired of a song.
Added a function key training screen option.
Added a keyboard template document that can be printed out.
Improved Help.
Minor refinements and fixes.

8.4.0 25 Jun 2002
Added HotKey hiding/restoring ShowNak option.
Update the information about support for ShowNak - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
Minor visual improvement to the F4 hide operation.
Changed references about minimizing ShowNak to being about hiding ShowNak.
Corrected the problem with not being able to find the online help in certain

8.3.1 8 May 2002
Minor improvements to the documentation and hints.
Minor fix to the song editor.

8.3.0 22 Apr 2002.
Corrected issues related to importing an existing set of slides into the "Simple
Slide Sequencer".
Minor refinements including improved the ShowNak starting up page hints.

8.2.0 1 Apr 2002
Added the option for higher quality image displaying for better visability.
Increased the registration options possible.
Simple Slide Sequences ...
- Removed the requirement for these files to be named "Message" to be used
without using the "Search for Simple Message ..." option with the F3
searching when in a subdirectory under either Messages or Notices.
- Corrected issues with saving images within these files.
Improved the documentation.
Minor fixes and refinements.

8.1.2 11 Mar 2002
Corrected an error message about the configuration file that could occur in one
unusual situation.

8.1.1a 5 Mar 2002
Updated WEB (World English Bible) version to the 16th February 2002 version.
No program changes.

8.1.1 25 Feb 2002
Corrected a problem where having {} with no bible reference inside the braces on
a Custom Text page would make ShowNak freeze.

8.1.0 23 Feb 2002
Added the ability to swap the presetable display formats.
Added support for running entirely from a CD.
Changed the abbreviation of the "Bible in Basic English" from the Online Bible
back to BBE.
Improved the installation options.
Improved the manual document.

8.0.2 15 Feb 2002
Improved and updated the help information on how to bring up the options menu.
- Shift-F10 for changing color, editing songs and messages etc.

8.0.1 15 Feb 2002
Corrected issue with a menu, that should not be shown, appearing when the mouse
is in the top left corner and right-clicking.
Corrected mouse appearing when the mouse is just outside the display area and
the mouse is used to step the slides.

8.0.0 13 Feb 2002.
Undo options to the Simple Slide Sequence editor and Song editor.
Right-click menu options to the Simple Slide Sequence editor.
Spell checking to the Simple Slide Sequence editor and Song editor.
Option to enable/disable slides in the Simple Slide Sequence Editor.
Several presetable display formats.
A suggestion to restart your computer if the Microsoft RichEdit update
requires it.
A warning about trying to save too larger quantity of images within a Simple
Slide Sequence.
Increasing the size of Simple Slide Sequence editor and Song editor for easier
Notices to be able to autoscroll where the text is too long to display on one
Using Online Bible versions that have numbers in the abbreviation e.g KJ21
(21st Century King James Version).
Changed the size and location of the Bible book names on Custom Text slides.
Notices now have a separate scrolling speed.
Mouse slide control to enable automatic scrolling where pages are too long to
Loading speed of JPeg images.
Scrolling speed when scrolling very fast and trying to temporarily slow down.
Minor refinements and fixes.

7.0.3 3 Feb 2002
Corrected potential issues with caching Online Bible versions and changed the
format of caching for Online Bible versions.
- so you may need to re-cache any versions you are currently using.

7.0.2 25 Jan 2002
Corrected a minor displaying issue on the ShowNak "About" screen (introduced in

7.0.1 25 Jan 2002
Corrected an problem selecting the default Bible version.

7.0.0 24 Jan 2002.
Added the option to print "Custom Text" slides via the Shift-F10 menu.
Added confirmation before displaying help with the F1 key (you can bypass this
with Ctrl-F1).
Added confirmation before minimizing with the F4 key (you can bypass this with
Enabled Notices to automatically display all of pages bigger than the screen.
Enabled the border adjustment mouse cursor to only be displayed when the borders
are changable.
Enabled more licensing options.
Minor refinement to hide the mouse pointer when appropriate.
Minor refinements to scrolling speed.
Minor refinement to manually stepping notices.
Other minor refinements and fixes.

6.2.0 10 Jan 2002.
Improved scrolling with the option to change the scrolling speed faster and
smarter scroll speed setting the first time items are displayed.
Improved song editing.
Corrected issues with sizing the borders.
Minor refinements.

6.1.0 8 Dec 2001
Improved Simple Slide Sequence editing including added the ability to cancel any
changes to a slide and "Quick Styles".
Enabled Slides to use the current bible version if the version specified in a
reference is unavailable.
Corrected a problem when specifying a different bible version in a bible
reference within a Simple Slide Sequence.
Improved documentation.

6.0.3 10 Nov 2001
Added an extra hint for when viewing Simple Slide Sequences on the free version
of ShowNak that were created on the unregistered trial version of ShowNak.
Added extra help regarding selecting songs, bible verses, images, messages and
notices for displaying.
Minor refinement, for certain situations, to keep the mouse pointer hidden when
it ought to be.

6.0.2 30 Oct 2001
Finer scrolling speed control.
Corrected a small jump that occurred in some situations when manually stepping
verses on a song then starting smooth-scrolling.

6.0.1 12 Oct 2001
Enabled keeping song scroll speed information when renaming a song file.
Minor improvements.

6.0.0 3 Oct 2001.
Added support for using bibles from the Online Bible.
Added the option to store and report CCLI song information.
Added a bible book "Preloaded" status message when loading and not immediately
displaying a whole bible book.
Correction to a minor problem that could occur when changing chapters within a
bible book.
Correction to the floppy trial installation of the book of John - the wrong book
abbreviation was used.
Minor improvements.

5.1.1 25 Aug 2001
When using the mouse to step the slides the mouse pointer is now not visible in
the border area.
Minor improvement to the installation instructions and help.

5.1.0 22 Aug 2001
Added a mouse button slide stepping option.
Added "Use ShowNak in 'Discipler' Mode" and "Enable changing pages with the
mouse buttons" to the install options.
Corrected using "Discipler" mode scroll bars when ShowNak next used.
Corrected issue with setting bible font bold/unbold.
Minor improvements.

5.0.1 7 Aug 2001
Added Shift-F10 to bring up the right-click menu.
Added menu option to display the "Discipler" Mode scroll bar.
Minor improvements.

5.0.0 4 Aug 2001.
Added ShowNak Discipler mode.
Added Simple Slide Sequence previewing titles.
Added List Indent to Simple Slide Sequence.
Added Preview option to "Custom Text" in Simple Slide Sequences.
Enhanced the "Help" information.
Added the ability to use WingDings and Symbols on Simple Slide Sequences.
Minor improvements.

4.4.3 30 Jul 2001
Corrected a minor registration issue.

4.4.2 28 Jul 2001
Smarter Simple Slide description copying from "Custom Text".
Minor corrections.

4.4.1 23 Jul 2001
Enabled notices to automatically start changing after selecting with F3 without
having to press F9.
Re-enabled being able to specify the Bible version as part of a Bible reference.
Improved Simple Slide Sequence "Save As" ...
Enabled the new name to be used for "Save"
Automatically reloads to verify available slides.
Corrected Bible scrolling consistancy between books.

4.4.0 22 Jul 2001
With Simple Slide Sequences ...
Added "Insert copy of previous slide" to copy the previous slide.
Corrected a problem having several lines in highlighted color.
Refined Bible verse displaying.
Corrected problem where trying to select particular Bible verses could lock up

4.3.0 21 Jul 2001
Added option to save slide images within the Simple Slide Sequence message file.
Added Song Title display option.
Improved the song editor, enabling more information to be saved, and file is
saved in a compressed format.
Improved bible version information at the bottom of bible references for some
Enabled automatic disabling of screen-powering down while ShowNak is running not
Minor corrections and improvements.

4.2.0 14 Jul 2001
With Simple Slide Sequences ...
Added Sequence Description title to the editor page.
Now only asks whether to save changes if anything was changed.
Simplified and enhanced the main right-click menu options regarding editing.
Improved documentation.
Corrected a problem with the font styles selected not always being used in
certain situations.
Minor corrections and improvements.

4.1.0 3 Jul 2001
Simple Slide Sequences are now saved in a compressed format.
Added more registration options.
Added image maximium size or original height/width ratio display options.
Corrected automatic notice cycling.
Corrected bible positioning when doing both smooth scrolling and manual verse
stepping in large bible books.
Minor improvements.

4.0.4 1 Jul 2001
Corrected image display issues with Simple Slide Sequences.
Corrected status bar coloring.
Added automatic bible reference separation to Simple Slide Sequence displaying.
Improved Quick Message display.

4.0.3 30 Jun 2001
Corrected a problem with displaying a whole bible book and then changing bible

4.0.2 29 Jun 2001
Corrected a problem with selecting bible books via the F3 search feature.

4.0.1 28 Jun 2001
Finer steps in the Simple Slide Sequence fonts.
Corrected a problem with using Simple Slide Sequence's - "Save As" option.
Added filtering when saving to Custom Text on Simple Slide Sequences to remove
characters that may not be displayable on all computers.
Minor improvements.

4.0.0 27 Jun 2001
Added "Simple Slide Sequence" to enable easy message slide creation and
display including automatic bible text filling in.
Added bible verse range display.
Added Quick Messages.
Other minor additions and refinements.
New trial period for anyone who tried earlier versions so they can try all the
new features.

3.0.1 8 Jun 2001
Minor improvement to documentation.
Improved scrolling speed control.

3.0.0 8 Jun 2001
First major public general release.

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ShowNak Song and Bible Display

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