PowerPoint vs ShowNak

Though PowerPoint is great for business presentations it is not very suitable for churches. And even the PowerPoint clones that are said to be designed for churches are not as good we think they could be.
ShowNak on the other hand has been designed from scratch specifically for churches.

The differences are in aspects such as:

bulletEase of changing a presentation - ShowNak does not even need a presentation pre-setup though this option has been included.
bulletEase of viewing - ShowNak has been designed to easily cater for the visually challenged and poor lighting conditions.
bulletSpeed - ShowNak lets you select a song in less than 2 seconds.
bulletSimple to use - ShowNak allows your church to get more use out of your data projector as almost anyone can use it - with about 5 minutes training even the more advanced features can be used.
bulletLess attention required - ShowNak allows the person running the data projector the freedom to take part in the service as ShowNak takes very little attention to run. Song verse page change timing is not relevant as ShowNak does not use this method.
bulletEasy to avoid the temptation to wow the audience with special visual effects that too often serve to distract - we only put into ShowNak those elements that can be generally used to edify.

ShowNak can easily display PowerPoint presentations that has been exported from PowerPoint as a series of slides. This means that the pages look the same as the original, without any animation.

ShowNak Song, Message and Bible Display