Dynamic Services

ShowNak has been designed to enable dynamic services where you can choose songs and Bible passages on the fly as the spirit leds. This is made possible with such features as songs and Bible passages being able to be chosen and displayed in about a second, changing the version for displayed Bible text is as simple as typing NIV and pressing Enter. With ShowNak you can quickly display just the first, third and last verses of a song and when it scrolls it looks like it was designed to be sung just like that.

ShowNak still allows pre-setting up "order of service" as you may be used to but most people that use ShowNak have better things to do with their time than setting this up - ShowNak really does not need it - it is that fast and easy. And it gives so much more flexibility to services to be able to choose at the time to exclude a song to make up time, or display an encouraging Bible verse.

ShowNak Song, Message and Bible Display