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Are you concerned with the trend that is becoming evident in too many churches where once they get a data projector messages become less building one-another up and more distracting and entertaining?

So are we, and so one important goal we had when designing ShowNak is that it would be very easy to use as a tool for building up without distraction.

To do this we have taken a stand with the design of ShowNak and ...

bulletnot included animation options
this is a severely overused and abused feature (some business presentation training now recommends cautious use of PowerPoint) that is great for entertaining and but often distracts.
bulletexcluded text superimposed on images
this can be distracting but more importantly it make it harder for some people to read the text.
bulletlimited the number on text colors that can by displayed at once
again, for legibility.
bulletmade including bible text in messages very easy.

Occasionally you may have visiting speakers that being their message in PowerPoint, in this case if you have either PowerPoint or OpenOffice then you can export PowerPoint presentations to a series of slides that ShowNak can display, removing animation and allowing quick displaying of Bible passages referred to then you can go back to the current slide with one button.

So if this is a concern and you already have a data projector or are looking at getting one we urge you to download and try ShowNak out for yourself - it is a free trial and it is the only way to see how much thought was put into the design of ShowNak to make it the most suitable church display tool available.


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