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NookNak Readme File - 2004 V1.0.0
Copyright 1995, 1998-2004 Complete Software Solutions - Andy Erceg
What NookNak does ...
This allows the mouse to: activate your screen saver and deactivate it
temporarily or long term, temporarily or permanently mute your computer and
start your favorite program. You can also mute or screen-save via the keyboard.
It also allows muting when you activate your screen saver. Plus it can display
time, day and date information on your current application’s title bar.
You select the corners of the screen you want to activate various features, and
when the mouse is moved into that corner that feature activates.
Some features can be activated by a "Double-slide action into the corner" - this
is sliding the mouse into your designated corner then out of the corner, and
then back into the corner again quickly you activate the feature.
To find out more about a function or option of the program leave the mouse over
the item and a help box will display any additional information available about
the item (unless you have disabled "Show Hints").
On the "Settings" page is a setting that controls how quickly NookNak reacts to
the mouse moving into a corner - this is initially set to a second so if the
mouse is moved into the mute corner the sound will be muted after about one
second. This delay is to help prevent accidental activation.
Windows 95/98 or higher or Windows NT 4.0 or higher
A sound card if you want to use the Audio Muting features.
Installation Notes
If you are installing a new version of this software you need to uninstall the
old version first, you may need to restart your computer to free all the files.
To run NookNak automatically when you start Windows 95/95/NT a Short-Cut has
been placed into your Startup Group. This is automatically removed if you
uninstall NookNak. But if you don't want NookNak to start automatically you
will need to remove this ShortCut from your Startup Group.
Trial Period
The trial period is 30 days, after 20 days the program will not start minimized
(you can minimize it manually).
The registration fee is US$10 - please go to the online registration page for
more information. Registered users will be given priority when asking for
technical support.
Known Issues
NoookNak will only control one sound card, if you have more than one, the first
one is the one used.
The displaying of information is not available on all programs all the time. If
the information can not be displayed currently, the information will be
displayed as soon as it is able to be.
To prevent accidently starting many copies of your "FastStart Program" you have
to wait 3 seconds between starting copies.
Changing your Screen Saver while the Screen Saver is blocked unblocks it, you
will need to re-block it if you want it blocked.
Windows NT waits for the Screen Saver to be active for about 5 seconds before
requiring a password to stop the Screen Saver, this is normal Windows NT
If the mouse is taken into a corner that has a program that has frozen then the
mouse action in that corner will be slow.
Screen Saver Blocking blocks Screen Power-down for Windows 95/98. This is
designed to work for Windows 2000 as well and is not applicable to Windows NT
4.0 as Screen Power-down control is not build into this operating system.
If you mute via a hot-key or double-slide action you can not unmute by sliding
the mouse out of the muting corner, you will need to unmute using either the
hot-key or double-sliding.
Other Software
If you want "soft" unmuting etc check out NoiseNak at
Contact Details
Complete Software Solutions Web Site
Product Information and Support Web Site
E-Mail Addresses
- Product Support
[email protected]
- Sales
[email protected]
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