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NookNak Version History
2004 V1.0.0 22 Apr 2004.
Added the option to enable/disable loading NookNak at Windows Startup.
Corrected an issue that prevented particular programs in some situations running
normally at the same time as NookNak.
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NookNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
2003 V1.0.0 14 Apr 2003.
Updated internet support links.
Changed the registration system used.
2.3.0 11 Oct 2002.
Corrected an issue that prevented particular programs running at the same time
as NookNak.
2.2.1 4 Oct 2002
Interum release for the V2.3.0 update.
2.2.0 29 Jun 2002.
Update the information about support for NookNak - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
2.1.3 26 Oct 2001
Corrected a problem introduced in V2.1.2
2.1.2 19 Oct 2001
Minor improvements.
2.1.1 1 May 2001
Minor improvement to selecting muting hot-key.
Improved documentation.
2.1.0 1 May 2001
Added muting control via the keyboard.
2.0.0 16 Mar 2001.
Updated web addresses to include our new site
Added Hotkey screen saver activation.
Added the ability to automatically disable NookNak when certain programs are
Added the option to not automatically re-enable the screen saver when restarting
the computer after disabling it.
Minor improvement with installing/uninstalling.
Corrected a problem relating to deactivating NookNak when a password has been
Improved volume control detection.
1.4.2 11 Aug 2000
Improved volume control detection.
1.4.1 10 Aug 2000
Minor improvement to operation including when shutting down computer.
1.4.0 8 Feb 2000
Added a "Disabled" icon to the System Tray when the program is disabled and has
been set to "Minimize to the System Tray".
Corrected a possible problem "FastStarting" some special shortcuts.
Corrected a situation where an error message could have been displayed very
occasionally when closing down.
Updated web page links.
1.3.7 16 Oct 1999
Updated Installer.
1.3.6 3 Sep 1999
Corrected a problem that very occasionally would give an error message when
closing down under WinNT.
1.3.5 21 Aug 1999
Compressed the program to make it smaller. Increased loading speed of the DLL.
Corrected saving the setting of "Delay before activating ..." enabling the
shortest time.
1.3.4 9 Mar 1999
On the About Page the option to use the backup web site has been added.
Updated "Install Creation" program resulted in a smaller "Setup" program.
1.3.3 24 Feb 1999
Updated the license agreement to allow distribution of the unregistered
1.3.2 7 Feb 1999
Increased the reliability of the detection of suitable sound cards.
Number not used.
1.3.0 5 Feb 1999
Fixed a conflict that occurred when using the build-in maths co-processor on
some Pentiums that have MMX (caused a Runtime error on loading).
1.2.3 4 Feb 1999
Enabled Windows NT users who do not have Administrator rights to enter the
registration details.
1.2.2 4 Feb 1999
Increased the reliability of the detection of suitable sound cards.
1.2.1 22 Jan 1999
Corrected "Delay before activating Audio Muting or the Screen Saver" saved
1.2.0 18 Jan 1999
Enabled Screen Saver Blocking to block Screen Power-down for Windows 95/98.
This is designed to work for Windows NT 5.0 as well and is not applicable to
Windows NT 4.0 as Screen Power-down control is not build into this operating
1.1.7 6 Jan 1999
Corrected check-box disabling on the "Display" page.
1.1.6 5 Jan 1999
Fixed a error that occurs when the program expires. Fixed a problem with
registration checking. Centred the program on the screen when it starts.
1.1.5 30 Dec 1998
Fixed a problem with Screen Saver Blocker activating on the wrong corner
intermittently. Improved "Application Title Display" operation.
1.1.4 19 Dec 1998
Simplified "Apply & Save" button to "Apply". Added extra notes about
uninstalling and when the computer needs to be restarted before reinstalling
1.1.3 17 Dec 1998
Added more detail to the "hints", particularly for the "Double Slide" actions.
1.1.2 16 Dec 1998
Added a Cancel button to cancel any changes.
Made it so you must either "Save" or "Cancel" changes before minimizing.
1.1.1 15 Dec 1998
Button position changes, slightly reduced CPU usage.
1.1.0 14 Dec 1998
Program usage simplified, Audio Muting state displayable, removed problems with
DOS windows and Screen Saver blocking. Screen Save Corner can optionally over
-ride the Screen Saver Block.
1.0.6 8 Dec 1998
Fixed a problem with restoring from the System Tray with a double click under
Windows 95/98 with the Screen Saver blocked.
1.0.5 8 Dec 1998
Prevent having the Screen Saver Activate corner the same as the Screen Saver
Block Corner or the FastStart Corner, as well as giving a warning
Added "Refresh" button and menu item and click function on the NookNak System
Tray icon - Refresh reactivates Windows functions that can be deactivated by
badly behaved applications - This "Refresh" occurs every 10 minutes
automatically if selected and NookNak suspects there may be a problem.
1.0.4 7 Dec 1998
Corrected potential automatic/manual muting sequence problem.
1.0.3 7 Dec 1998
Changed the duration that hints stay on the screen.
1.0.2 5 Dec 1998
Put a minimum time between starting "FastStart Programs".
1.0.1 5 Dec 1998
Added the ability to deactivate the program temporarily - so you can avoid
accidentally muting or screen saving during a presentation or a game.
1.0.0 4 Dec 1998
Initial release.
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