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NoiseNakPlus Readme File - 2004 V1.0.0
Copyright 1998-2004 Complete Software Solutions - Andy Erceg
NoiseNakPlus - "Noise Control for your computer - Plus much more"
Now real multimedia is an option in any environment without having to
resort to headphones that many do not like wearing and make it nearly
impossible to get the attention of the wearer.
What NoiseNakPlus does ...
NoiseNakPlus enables:
- The master volume to be limited to different limits at different times of the
day, on different days of the week.
- The volume control inputs and record inputs to be set and optionally locked.
- "Soft-Starting" (allowing the volume to slowly go up when unmuting), this can
also be used when you are starting Windows®.
- The computer volume to react to the sound level around it.
- The setting of screen resolution and the volume controls automatically as it
detects different program running.
- A password option to allow only authorized users to change, close or
deactivate this program.
With NoiseNakPlusButtons you have access to:
- Volume up, down and reset to the last preset settings.
- Resolution changing at the click of the mouse.
- "Global Controls", with the "Global Controls" you can either pick predefined
groups of computers or some computers within a group to remotely:
- mute or unmute
- screen blank (with the option to put a message on the screen or unblank.
With NoiseNakPlusControl you can set:
- The volume of the individual inputs
- The screen resolution and the volume controls - this is useful before running
different programs. If you enable "Smart Control" then NoiseNakPlus can change
setting automatically as it detects different program running.
With NoiseNakPlusConfig you can easily roll out NoiseNakPlus, to a classroom for
example, with all setting the same.
Important Notes to get more out of NoiseNakPlus
To keep the volume at the maximum allowed throughout the day you need to have
"Keep the volume at the maximum allowed volume" selected on the "Automatic
Schedule Settings" page, otherwise the scheduled volume is only an upper limit.
There is only a start time for schedules and no finish time to simplify usage
each schedule finishes when the next schedule starts.
With no finish time you can have a period that has no maximum volume by setting
up a new schedule starting when you want the period with no maximum volume to
start and set "No max. volume".
Windows® 95/98 or higher or Windows NT® 4.0 or higher
A Windows® compatable sound card.
Installation Notes
When you first run NoiseNakPlus you are given different configurations to use,
choose the one that sounds closest to what you require - you can change it later
if you want on the "Settings" page by clicking "Use Smart Setup".
If you are installing a new version of this software you need to uninstall the
old version first, you may need to restart your computer to free all the files.
When NoiseNakPlus is used for the first time you get the option of picking one
of the common configurations, if you do not the Scheduling page will have four
entries pre-setup as an example of possible schedules.
You need to have run NoiseNakPlus once since installation before you can run
NoiseNakPlusButtons or NoiseNakPlusCommand. Refer to the help file about
NoiseNakPlusConfig and when it can be run.
You should not have "NoiseNak" running at the same time as NoiseNakPlus.
NoiseNakPlusConfig.exe is only installed on an "Administrators Installation", it
is not installed as part of a "Normal Install" as it is normally only required
for creating common configuration files.
Trial Period
The trial period is 30 days, after 20 days the program will not start minimized
(you can minimize it manually).
Please go to our NoiseNakPlus web page at
for details on pricing. There are serious site license and educational discounts
To use the Automatic Level Control features requires a ...
NoiseNakPlus ALC license.
Known Issues
NoiseNakPlus will only control one sound card, if you have more than one, the
first one is the one used.
In Windows 98® there is a sound burst during driver loading at startup if there
is a sound source (like the CD) running, this is unavoidable but should not be
a problem normally as this burst occurs before login and startup sounds.
To uninstall NoiseNakPlus it is important to use the Uninstall option to prevent
attempting to load NoiseNakPlus after the installed files have been removed.
Only if you use the "Hide - You need to re-run NoiseNakPlus to unhide it" action
when minimizing in Windows 98® do you need to not click on the Taskbar icon
when you have just restored it as this is can be a request to re-minimize it,
if NoiseNakPlus is behind other windows use Alt-Tab to bring NoiseNakPlus
This product is designed for the business and educational market and so the
setting are applied on a per computer basis. You can not have individual
setting for each user, NoiseNak ( is designed
to provide noise control for the home market and allows each user to have
their own settings.
For FAQ refer to the NoiseNakPlus Help file and our product support site listed
Contact Details
Complete Software Solutions Web Site
Product Information and Support Web Site
E-Mail Addresses
- Product Support
[email protected]
- Sales
[email protected]
What others think of NoiseNakPlus
This was written about NoiseNakPlus version 1. Our recently released version 7
(2003 V2) is simpler to use and much more powerful.
Reference from the Multnomah County Library
The Multnomah County Library ( serves over
1.5 million people in the Portland Metropolitan Area here in beautiful Oregon,
USA. Our Central Library in Portland, and 15 branch libraries throughout the
area, currently provide over 250 computer search stations to the public. A
portion of these stations are what we call "Kids' Computers" which offer close
to 20 networked educational and entertaining CD-ROM products. The Gresham
Regional Library, for example, has eight of these stations clustered together in
the children's area. We needed to find a way to better control the spikes in
sound, which at times could have shattered the windows. In addition, some of
the CD-ROMs allowed users to turn down or mute the volume from within the
program, thereby affecting the volume level for all the other programs.
After searching high and low on the Internet, I discovered Complete Software
Solutions and NoiseNak. The programmers at Complete Software Solutions were
quite generous in working with me to develop a solution. NoiseNakPlus is the
result of their efforts. With the option to hide NoiseNakPlus from the user, we
continue to provide seamless access through our Netscape shell under Windows
NT. Users can still control the volume to some degree using volume controls on
the speakers in the monitor (which we find desirable). NoiseNakPlus is
launched via our logon script and uses the settings we setup as local
administrator on the workstation. The user sees nothing, but any attempts to
change the windows master volume or the wave volume levels through a program
are disabled. Audio output is now consistent and controllable.
NoiseNakPlus has many other features we have yet to explore. Through line
command control we have the ability to customize the volume settings for each
program as it is launched. Under some applications, as with stations where
headphones may be desired, an on-screen button bar with volume up and down
controls is available. With NoiseNakPlus we are ready to move forward and
experiment with offering Internet audio resources on our other public search
stations. NoiseNakPlus offers us the flexibility, security and control we
really need if we are able to offer audio in a public library.
Great job and thanks for a terrific program!
Michael Brown
Network Analyst
Multnomah County Library
Names used throughout this document are trademarks of their respective companies

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