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NoiseNakPlus History

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NoiseNakPlus Version History
2004 V1.0.0 15 May 2004.
Added support for controlling "SW Synth" input.
Increased the number of "Smart Setup" quick setup configuration options.
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NoiseNakPlus to try the latest features
with a new trial period.
2003 V2.0.0 27 Aug 2003.
Important: Change to the NoiseNakPlus licensing ...
To use the "Automatic Level Control" features will require a special
"NoiseNakPlus ALC license".
- This is in keeping with our target user group for this specialized and
advanced functionality and the NoiseNakPlus normal licence pricing.
Refined Automatic Level Control including adding adding the option to hold the
volume level during quiet periods.
Added the option to have the volume level change at different speeds depending
on whether the volume is increasing or decreasing via the Automatic Level
Corrected an issue with the Automatic Level Control where Windows(r) has some
problem that halts normal sound recording.
Included the option for limited Ctrl-Alt-Del closing protection.
2003 V1.0.3 31 May 2003.
Corrected an issue using a few of the advanced, less used functions not being
Minor refinements.
2003 V1.0.2 28 May 2003.
Corrected an issue where locking a control muted or unmuted where muting is not
an option on a particular computer could cause muting of the main volume.
2003 V1.0.1 9 Apr 2003
Minor refinements.
2003 V1.0.0 24 Mar 2003.
Updated web information.
Updated registration system.
Minor refinements.
5.1.0 22 Jun 2002.
Enabled the quick setup setting wizard to automatically be displayed when first
trialing a new version of NoiseNakPlus.
Update the information about support for NoiseNakPlus - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
Corrected the problem with not being able to find the online help in certain
Improved the uninstaller.
5.0.6 17 May 2002
Minor refinement to the screen blanking function of NoiseNakPlus.
5.0.5 19 Jan 2002
Corrected an problem with "Global Controlling" several computers out of a whole
group of computers.
Enabled using the ButtonBar for Global Control after doing a "Screen Blank".
5.0.4 5 Oct 2001
Corrected a problem running under WinXP.
5.0.3 15 May 2001
Updated web addresses to make the main support site.
5.0.2 12 Apr 2001
Improved installation options.
Minor improvement to NoiseNakPlus security when NoiseNakPlus security has been
5.0.1 16 Mar 2001
Corrected a problem relating to deactivating NoiseNakPlus when a password has
been enabled.
Improved volume control detection.
5.0.0 6 Jan 2001.
Added Global Messaging.
Corrected a problem that occurred after a period of time on some computers when
"Automatic Level Control" was used.
Other minor refinements.
4.1.3a 18 Dec 2000
No program changes.
Minor improvements with installing/uninstalling.
4.1.3 27 Nov 2000
Improved "Global Control" labeling.
Stopped a licensing warning coming up when it was not required.
4.1.2 27 Nov 2000
Improved the NoiseNakPlusButtonBar autohiding.
4.1.1 22 Nov 2000
Made "Smart Setup" even easier to use.
4.1.0 20 Nov 2000
Improved "Smart Control" program detect options.
Other minor refinements.
4.0.1 18 Nov 2000
Improved "Smart Control" operation.
Other minor refinements.
4.0.0 15 Nov 2000
Updated web addresses to include our new site
Enabled the inputs to be limited and preset (not just locked).
Added a fix that enables correct operation when there is a third-party program
that does not use Windows(r) volume controls correctly.
Changed installation to allow more control of installation.
Other minor refinements.
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