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NoiseNakPlus Features

Up a Level

Global Control

One computer can mute and unmute other computers.
Now a teacher can mute the whole class ...

Automatic Level Control

With this you can set up a computer to react to the volume of noise around it.
Great for demonstrations.

Scheduled Volume

The ability to limit the maximum volume on a day of the week, time of the day basis.
Could be used to maintain lower volumes during class times than break and lunchtimes.

Simplified Screen Resolution Setting

At the click of a button the screen resolution can be changed.
Useful to increase the print size for the visually challenged.

Command-line Control

Before starting, the optimum volume levels as well as screen resolution can be set for each program.

Volume Reset

This function resets the volume to its optimum with one click.
Useful when one person alters the volume and leaves it set incorrectly for the next person.

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