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NoiseNak Readme File - 2004 V1.0.0
Copyright 1998-2004 Complete Software Solutions - Andy Erceg
"Noise Control for your computer - now you can control the noise!"
What NoiseNak does ...
NoiseNak enables:
- the master volume to be limited to different limits at different times of the
day, on different days of the week.
- "Soft-Starting" (allowing the volume to slowly go up when unmuting), this can
also be used when you are starting Windows.
- the volume to automatically decrease after a configurable time of no mouse or
keyboard activity.
- a password option to allow only authorized users to change, close or
deactivate this program.
Important Notes to get more out of NoiseNak
To keep the volume at the maximum allowed throughout the day you need to select
"Keep the volume at the maximum allowed volume" on the "Automatic Schedule
Settings" page, otherwise the scheduled volume is only an upper limit.
There is only a start time for schedules and no finish time to simplify usage
each schedule finishes when the next schedule starts.
With no finish time you can have a period that has no maximum volume by setting
up a new schedule starting when you want the period with no maximum volume to
start and set "No max. volume".
Windows 95/98 or higher or Windows NT 4.0 or higher and a sound card.
Installation Notes
If you are installing a new version of this software you need to uninstall the
old version first, you may need to restart your computer to free all the files.
When NoiseNak is used for the first time the Scheduling page has four entries
pre-setup as an example of possible schedules.
Trial Period
The trial period is 30 days, after 20 days the program will not start minimized
(you can minimize it manually).
The registration fee is US$15 - please go to the online registration page for
more information. Registered users will be given priority when asking for
technical support.
Known Issues
NoiseNak will only control one sound card, if you have more than one, the first
one is the one used.
In Windows 98 there is a sound burst during driver loading at startup if there
is a sound source (like the CD) running, this is unavoidable but should not be a
problem normally as this burst occurs before login and startup sounds.
To uninstall NoiseNak it is important to use the Uninstall option to prevent
attempting to load NoiseNak after the installed files have been removed.
The "Load NoiseNak at Windows Startup" is set on a per user basis (i.e each user
has to select this if they want to load NoiseNak at Windows Startup).
Only if you use the "Hide - You need to re-run NoiseNak to unhide it" action
when minimizing in Windows 98 do you need to not click on the Taskbar icon when
you have just restored it as this is can be a request to re-minimize it, if
NoiseNak is behind other windows use Alt-Tab to bring NoiseNak forward.
Advanced Noise Control
If you require more powerful "Noise Control" check out "NoiseNakPlus" on our
website at
Contact Details
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E-Mail Addresses
- Product Support
[email protected]
- Sales
[email protected]
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