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NoiseNak Version History
2004 V1.0.0 23 Apr 2004
Added some protection from "Ctrl-Alt-Del" and closing NoiseNak.
Included the option for limited Ctrl-Alt-Del closing protection.
Corrected an issue that in some situations prevented particular programs running
normally at the same time as NoiseNak when using the "Activity" volume
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NoiseNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
2003 V1.0.1 Beta #1 14 Jun 2003 - Beta release only
Added some protection from "Ctrl-Alt-Del" and closing NoiseNak.
2003 V1.0.0 3 Mar 2003.
Added the option to mute after inactivity.
Changed the inactivity time settings to allow much longer times to be used.
Updated internet support links.
Changed the registration system used.
3.1.0 11 Oct 2002 - Internal testing only.
Corrected an issue that prevented particular programs running at the same time
as NoiseNak when the "Activity Volume Control" is enabled.
3.0.1 4 Oct 2002
Interum release for the V3.1.0 update.
3.0.0 24 Jul 2002.
Enabled more scheduling options.
Update the information about support for NoiseNak - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
Corrected the problem with not being able to find the online help in certain
Improved the uninstaller.
2.2.3 12 Apr 2001
Improved installation options.
Minor improvement to NoiseNak security when NoiseNak security has been enabled.
2.2.2 17 Mar 2001
Corrected a situation that can cause the NoiseNak password to be asked for twice
when changing settings instead of once (when NoiseNak security has been
Minor refinements.
2.2.1 17 Mar 2001
Corrected a problem relating to deactivating NoiseNak when a password has been
2.2.0 16 Mar 2001
Updated web addresses to include our new site
Added a fix that enables correct operation when there is a third-party program
that does not use Windows(r) volume controls correctly.
Minor improvement with installing/uninstalling.
Improved volume control detection.
2.1.4 22 Aug 2000
Corrected a problem with "Keep the volume at the maximum allowed" that happen in
some circumstances.
2.1.3 10 Jul 2000
Minor improvement to operation including when shutting down computer.
2.1.2 18 Jul 2000
Improved volume control detection.
2.1.1 24 Apr 2000
Corrected operation when "Activity Volume Control" is not enabled.
2.1.0 19 Apr 2000
Added extra hints and suggestions to the Help and ReadMe file as well as to the
program popup hints.
Added a minimise button to the NoiseNak title bar.
2.0.0 7 Apr 2000.
Added the ability to alter the volume after a period of inactivity.
1.3.2 17 Feb 2000
Added a fix that enables correct operation when "Keep the volume at the maximum
allowed" is not enabled and there is a third-party program that does not use
Windows(r) volume controls correctly.
1.3.1 11 Feb 2000
Set the default to keep to the maximum allowed volume.
1.3.0 8 Feb 2000
Corrected a situation where an error message could have been displayed very
occasionally when closing down.
Previous version should have been 1.3.0 so will use that number this time.
1.2.1 21 Jan 2000
Changed the "Schedule Start Time" to edit in the same format as the default
Windows time format.
Added a main volume balance setting.
1.2.0 19 Jan 2000
Added a "Disabled" icon to the System Tray when the program is disabled and has
been set to "Minimize to the System Tray".
Corrected a problem changing schedule times in some situations.
Updated web page links.
1.1.7 17 Nov 1999
Enabled the "Complete Software Solutions - Home Page" button.
1.1.6 16 Oct Jul 1999
Compressed the program to make it smaller.
Refined help.
Improved schedule display.
Prevented edited but unsaved schedule being used.
1.1.5 9 Mar 1999
On the About Page the option to use the backup web site has been added.
Updated "Install Creation" program resulted in a smaller "Setup" program.
1.1.4 24 Feb 1999
Updated the license agreement to allow distribution of the unregistered
1.1.3 17 Feb 1999
Fixed a problem that could occur when starting up manually muted then unmuting.
Also allow "Soft-Start" with 0 seconds - to allow silent starting.
Deactivating or closing the program now restores the volume setting when muted
(but keeps it muted).
1.1.2 7 Feb 1999
Increased the reliability of the detection of suitable sound cards.
1.1.1 6 Feb 1999
Stopped having to reload NoiseNak to accept a valid registration.
1.1.0 5 Feb 1999
Fixed a conflict that occurred when using the build-in maths co-processor on
some Pentiums that have MMX (caused a Runtime error on loading).
1.0.6 5 Feb 1999
Fixed a potential problem with the correct schedule not being used for the first
minute of running.
1.0.5 5 Feb 1999
Corrected day scheduling, reduced CPU usage.
1.0.4 4 Feb 1999
Enabled Windows NT users who do not have Administrator rights to enter the
registration details.
1.0.3 4 Feb 1999
Increased the reliability of the detection of suitable sound cards.
1.0.2 2 Feb 1999
Changed icon to prevent mixing-up the NoiseNak icon and the volume control icon.
1.0.1 1 Feb 1999
Corrected WWW address for registration.
1.0.0 1 Feb 1999
First general release.
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