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NikNak Version History
2008 V1.0.0 12 Apr 2007.
Changed QuickStart link storage location to help with access control issues.
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NikNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
2007 V1.0.0 10 Apr 2007.
Minor refinements only.
2006 V1.0.0 12 Jun 2006.
Changed internet data display options to allow for other internet usage data
2004 V1.0.0 4 May 2004.
Corrected an issue that prevented the odd "QuickStart" program starting
correctly (only one known program affected).
2003 V1.0.1 4 Nov 2003.
Corrected error when virtual memory has been disabled.
2003 V1.0.0 4 Apr 2003.
Improved the realtime data rate graphic display.
Updated internet support links.
7.1.3 28 Jan 2003.
Improved the automatic re-laying out "QuickStart" buttons when changing the
screen resolution.
7.1.2 29 Aug 2002
Update to help prevent the NikNak taskbar button staying displayed.
7.1.1 19 Jul 2002
Update to help prevent the "QuickStart" buttons from occassionally staying
7.1.0 26 Jun 2002
Update the information about support for NikNak - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
7.0.0 17 Jun 2002.
Several improvements to the "QuickStart" button display.
Changed it so that with new users the internet display is activated by default.
6.4.0 1 Jan 2002
Added support for smooth autohiding and unhiding when enabled in Windows.
Minor improvement to autohide displaying in some situations.
6.3.0 22 Dec 2001
Enabled anyone that previous had display issues when trying NikNak to be able to
correctly display NikNak.
6.2.0 21 Dec 2001.
Corrected display layout issues under WinME.
Minor refinements.
6.1.0 9 Nov 2001
Added option to re-arrange the QuickStart icons.
Added more help on the Internet Options page and ReadMe file.
Improved all graphical dispays when slower update speeds have been set.
6.0.0 7 Nov 2001.
Added the option to use the default TCPIP display speed for Win2000 and WinXP
when installing under these operating systems.
Improved the graphical display when using a slower TCPIP display update speed.
Added fixes related to problems saving screen location in some situations and
changing the undocked screen location of NikNak.
5.0.7 5 Nov 2001
Corrected a problem running under WinXP.
Minor refinements.
5.0.6 22 Oct 2001
Implemented a fix to prevent NikNak settings being loss when shutting Windows
down in certain situations - this is a preventative measure - there have been
no reports of this happening.
5.0.5 19 Oct 2001
Implemented a fix for some Norton AntiVirus updates that could cause NikNak to
slow-down on the occassional computer - this was not a NikNak problem and
there have been no reports of this happening.
5.0.4 16 Oct 2001
Improved the "QuickStart" button hint display.
Updated installation program.
Next update will have a fix for some Norton AntiVirus updates that could cause
NikNak to slow-down on the occassional computer - this was not a NikNak problem.
5.0.3 29 Sep 2001
Corrected problem with the trial period counter not always displaying the number
of days remaining in the trial period.
5.0.2 18 May 2001.
Enabled NikNak to start even if the file SNMPAPI.DLL is missing.
5.0.1a 7 Apr 2001
Improved the documentation.
No program changes.
5.0.1 30 Mar 2001
Improved the NikNak taskbar icon/system tray button displaying.
5.0.0 23 Mar 2001.
Changed the NetNak data display into an Internet data display that is designed
to work with modems, cable modems, DSL, ADSL, AOL etc and NetNak.
Improved documentation.
4.1.0 15 Feb 2001
Enabled the CPU monitor to work on the Windows 2000 systems that previously
always shown 0% on the CPU indicator.
Added a fix to prevent a problem that could occur under WinNT/2000 that could
cause NikNak to display an error message after starting IE 5.5.
Improved efficiency under WinNT/2000.
4.0.1 7 Feb 2001
Improved "Hide" NikNak operation.
Minor refinements.
4.0.0 26 Jan 2001
Removed all ad-sponsoring and changed to 30-day trial only - this includes
enabling all the features available when registered.
Improved registration operation.
Minor refinements.
3.0.4 16 Dec 2000
Minor improvement to "QuickStart" button operation when changing computer time.
Minor improvement with installing/uninstalling.
3.0.3 1 Dec 2000
Refined a NikNak message to make setting up simpler.
3.0.2 27 Nov 2000
Refined "AutoHide Dock" operation.
3.0.1 27 Nov 2000
Improved registration operation.
Improvements to "AutoHide Dock" operation.
Minor improvement to the main display.
3.0.0 14 Nov 2000
Improved working with NetNak (requires NetNak V6.0.0 or later to get the best
Improved the registration operation of the ad-sponsored version.
2.4.0 6 Oct 2000
Corrected a problem with registering NikNak.
2.3.0 30 Sep 2000
Updated web addresses to include our new site
Corrected a problem with the AutoHide menu item not always indicating when
NikNak is autohiding.
Changed the proxy setup for ad-sponsored version.
Added a "number of days remaining" of the trial period for the advert-free 30
day trial version.
Corrected the information on registering that pops up after the trial period on
the advert-free 30 day trial version.
2.2.0 3 Aug 2000
Changed the advertising size options to the latest advertising sizing standards.
2.1.1 20 Jul 2000
Corrected a minor problem with displaying the "Hang-up Now" menu item.
2.1.0 18 Jul 2000
Added the ability to hangup via NetNak.
Made a 30 day trial version available that is not advertisement sponsored.
2.0.2 13 Jul 2000
Minor visual improvement of "QuickStart" button area when there are lots of
2.0.1 27 Jun 2000
Improved proxy setting operation.
2.0.0 26 Jun 2000
Added CPU Usage display.
Added a quick large clock display.
Added a Hot-Key option.
Added the ability to change the advertising size.
Added option to reduce CPU usage by NikNak.
Other minor refinements and fixes.
1.1.1 24 Feb 2000
Minor change to registration operation.
1.1.0 24 Feb 2000
Reduced the advert size for 800 by 600 screens.
Improved calendar operation.
1.0.0 19 Feb 2000
General Release
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