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NetNak Version History
2003 V1.0.1 4 Apr 2003
Further refinement to the realtime data rate graphic display.
2003 V1.0.0 4 Apr 2003
Improved the realtime data rate graphic display.
Updated internet support links.
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NetNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
9.0.0 23 Sep 2002
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NetNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
Corrected an issue with settings very large data limits for warnings.
Update the information about support for NetNak - we have added additional
support via forums on our web site.
8.1.0 28 Nov 2001
Enabled anyone that previously tried out NetNak to try the latest version with
a new trial period.
Added default display speed settings for Win2000 and WinXP.
Improved the graphical display when using a slower display update speed.
Implemented a fix for WinXP not detecting connections in certain situations.
8.0.8 5 Nov 2001
Corrected a problem running under WinXP.
Minor refinements.
8.0.7 22 Oct 2001
Implemented a fix to prevent NetNak information being loss when shutting Windows
down in certain situations - this is a preventative measure - there have been no
reports of this happening.
8.0.6 19 Oct 2001
Implemented a fix for some Norton AntiVirus updates that could cause NetNak to
slow-down on the occassional computer - this was not a NetNak problem.
8.0.5 16 Oct 2001
Updated installation program.
8.0.4 29 Sep 2001
Corrected problem with the trial period counter not always displaying the number
of days remaining in the trial period.
8.0.3 18 May 2001.
Enabled NetNak to start even if the file SNMPAPI.DLL is missing.
8.0.2 13 Apr 2001
Improved the documentation.
Improved installation options.
8.0.1 30 Mar 2001
Improved the NetNak taskbar icon/system tray button displaying.
8.0.0 23 Mar 2001.
Added options designed to work with cable modems, DSL, ADSL, AOL etc.
Added a Shutdown after Automatic Low Data Hang-up option.
Added total bytes (send+receive) statistics, warning and log display options.
Added warnings when Microsoft files need updating.
Added the option to slowdown the display update rate.
Refined menu item and option names.
Minor improvements.
Improved ReadMe file.
7.1.0 15 Feb 2001
Added a fix to prevent a problem that could occur under WinNT/2000 that could
cause NetNak to display an error message after starting IE 5.5.
Improved efficiency under WinNT/2000.
7.0.0 26 Jan 2001
Removed all ad-sponsoring and changed to 30-day trial - this includes enabling
all the features available when registered.
Improved registration operation.
Minor refinements.
6.0.4 21 Dec 2000
Improved security (when enabled) regarding "Hidden" NetNak ("Hidden" is feature
in the registered version, not the "Invisible when offline" function).
Minor improvement with installing/uninstalling.
6.0.3 1 Dec 2000
Improved the ReadMe file.
Refined a NetNak message to make setting up simpler.
6.0.2 27 Nov 2000
Refined "AutoHide Dock" operation on the registered version.
6.0.1 27 Nov 2000
Improved registration operation.
Improvements to "AutoHide Dock" operation on the registered version.
Minor improvement to the main display.
6.0.0 14 Nov 2000
Added the option to force data to be only recorded when online.
Added automatic Power Suspend handling.
Updated advertising software
Improved "Shared Modem" operation.
Improved registration operation.
Minor refinements.
5.2.1 7 Aug 2000
Refined automatic hang-up operation when this has been set for a hang-up time of
less than 2 minutes.
5.2.0 18 Jul 2000
Added the option to remotely hangup on a shared modem.
Added the option to display time on-line when not docked.
Added an option to increase the reliability of the "Hang-up" action - this does
not need to be enabled on most computers, only where hanging up is unreliable.
Enabled NetNak to automatically correct size and position when undocked and
changing the screen resolution.
Other minor refinements.
5.1.0 20 Mar 2000
Added Log export function.
Added lower CPU usage option when off-line.
Implemented a fix for a Microsoft WinNT Performance Monitoring bug.
Corrected a problem where the statistics were not reset on the correct date in
some situations.
5.0.5 18 Mar 2000 - Interum release only
5.0.4 14 Feb 2000
Corrected the NetNak system tray hint.
5.0.3 9 Feb 2000
Enabled the "When the statistics were last reset" display to update if the
statistics are automatically reset while viewing the statistics - this was only
a display problem, the correct data was being recorded and was shown next time
the statistics were displayed.
5.0.2 8 Feb 2000
Corrected a problem when specifying a specific shared modem to monitor.
5.0.1 7 Feb 2000
Corrected a situation where an error message could have been displayed very
occasionally when closing down.
5.0.0 2 Feb 2000
Added the option to have a "Hang-up" button when you are online (this can be set
to be highly visible).
Added the option of resetting statistics each time you go online.
Added the option to change advert sizes at lower screen resolutions.
Added the option to hangup with low data much faster.
Added the option to monitor remotely the data rate through a shared modem.
Enabled the log file to be automatically fixed if it gets corrupted.
Registration available.
4.3.0 22 Jan 1999
Added detection of old Microsoft Dialup Networking software.
When NetNak is always visible and off-line with automatic low data hangup the
countdown bar is set to 0.
NetNak now saves undocked position.
4.2.2 11 Dec 1999
Corrected a potential problem that could occur if NetNak is closed abnormally
(e.g. Windows crashing) within 5 minutes of starting NetNak.
4.2.1 22 Nov 1999
Changed the "Waiting for a connection" icon.
Invalid data rates that could possibly occur in some very unusual circumstances
should now be automatically ignored.
4.2.0 16 Nov 1999
Added the ability to automatically reset the statistics after a preset number of
Added the option to hang-up without a warning when you exceed your preset time
on-line etc limits.
Enabled having warning sounds with no visible warning if required.
Change warning, they were occuring when you reached or exceed you limits, now
they occur when you exceed them.
Enabled being able to test the warning sounds when both "Statistics" and
"Automatic Low Data Hang-up" warnings are the same file.
Fixed a problem with getting an "Bitmap image is not valid" (hopefully, this
was reported to happen for only one user, and only occurred occasionally).
4.1.0 6 Nov 1999
Added the option of adding sound warnings with the warning messages.
Improved the "Logging Graph" display.
4.0.1 5 Nov 1999
Changed the "Hide Warning" button on the warning when you exceed your preset
time on-line limit to "Ignore Warning".
Removed the warning about the install directory already existing when
4.0.0 4 Nov 1999
Added the options to:
- Get warnings when time on-line or data quantities are exceeded.
- Automatically hang-up if there is only a low amount of data being transfered.
- Automatically reset the statistics.
3.0.4 3 Sep 1999
Corrected monthly log display.
3.0.3 1 Sep 1999
Updated the Advert software.
Corrected a problem that affected setting NetNak to load at Windows startup and
NetNak trying to load at Windows startup after being uninstalled.
3.0.2 26 Aug 1999
Changed on-line time displayed so that it is rounded to the nearest minute.
3.0.1 25 Aug 1999
Refined the logging graph values display.
Added the option to change the logging graph resolution.
3.0.0 25 Aug 1999
Added a detailed logging ability.
Added some auto-language detection of Windows statistics.
Added the option to display values in kBps and kBytes instead of Bps and Bytes.
Auto-save statistics every 10 minutes.
Added an option to "Not Stay on Top" temporarily when docked and so have removed
the option to have NetNak as an "Auto-hiding Docked" program (have retained the
ability to hide NetNak while there is no connection).
2.3.0 1 Jul 1999
As a result of user requests the numbers on the display can be set to always
show the average over the last minute.
2.2.0 30 Jun 1999
As a result of user requests:
- The average data rate is always visible on the "Statistics" page.
- "Clear the Graphs" can be set to automatically occur when connecting.
2.1.0 28 Jun 1999
Added the option of viewing the average data rate to the "Statistics" page.
Corrected "Program Web Page".
2.0.2 24 Jun 1999
Corrected "Resetting", did not always reset the "Time On-line" fully (did not
remove the duration of the current call until clicked a second time).
2.0.1 21 Jun 1999
Made the bytes per second readouts even easier to read.
2.0.0 21 Jun 1999
Added Statistics: time on-line, total bytes sent and total bytes received.
Corrected saving position when Windows is shut down.
1.1.0 14 Jun 1999
Added the option to temporarily display the average data rate.
1.0.3 12 Jun 1999
Corrected a problem with cancelling changes.
1.0.2 9 Jun 1999
Corrected a problem with the advertisements.
1.0.1 8 Jun 1999
Corrected "Show Hints" option.
1.0.0 8 Jun 1999
General Release.
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